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This unofficial summary is intended to help Dalhousie employees understand the main features of the Dalhousie University Employee Pension Plan. It does not cover all...

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Deferment of pension benefits This section is currently under review. Normal retirement date The normal retirement date of all employees is the July 1st immediately following attainment of age 65 except for those members who commenced on full-time staff prior to July 1, Portability The Plan also provides for portability with other pension plans where a reciprocal agreement is in force or, as an alternative, through the transfer of the termination entitlement to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

Dal Alert Receive alerts from Dalhousie by text message. Required contributions By members: The pension provided under this Plan is expressed as a certain percentage of the average of the best three years of remuneration received by the member.

Under Phase Three of the Surplus Use Agreement , these reduction factors are applicable prior to exact age 65 instead of the normal retirement date. In addition, accumulated pension increases shall not exceed corresponding accumulated increases in the Consumer Price Index. Deferment of pension benefits This section is currently under review. In respect of any Member working under an RWA, the following shall apply: Contributions to this Plan and eligibility for pension benefits commenced effective September 1, Entitlement to such benefits does not, of itself, entitle a member to vesting in matching contributions made by the university.

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