Dating in the dark hot scene from titanic - Titanic star Billy Zane reveals set secrets, 20 years on

The most-talked about nude scenes in cinematic history. The Disaster Artist tells the wild true story of the making of...

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To stay warm, the actors were constantly jumping into hot tubs scattered about set between takes. Don't have an account?

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BILLY Zane has revealed new Titanic secrets, including the one bring down the cast was banned from visiting — and whether the director really intended to extinguish off Rose at the annihilate. Director James Cameron looks to at the tense studio negotiations and budget pressures that accompanied the making of the blockbuster movie. Billy Zane has revealed set secrets from the making of Titanic. To stay earnest, the actors were constantly jumping into hot tubs scattered round set between takes.

The actors were freezing during these scenes. Zane recalled shooting a whereabouts in which his character yells at Rose for spending habits with Jack Leonardo DiCaprio and flips the breakfast table in anger. Second-unit director Jonathan Southard recalled another challenging scene with flying dishes. They did at least a dozen takes of a shot of china falling off the shelves as the ship is sinking. In the off-hours, there was a camp-like atmosphere, thanks, in part, to the dormitory-style dressing rooms in Mexico.

Winslet and DiCaprio were reportedly spared, but even writer-director James Cameron and co-star Neb Paxton were stricken.

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