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Please read the rules wiki page for a more detailed break-down of each rule.

If PF base rules, you don't even need LA buy-off, as it happens automatically and freely. I can say with confidence that there are others on this board that could help you more ably and thoroughly than I can.

I suppose let's compare your damage to a charger build: Reset Fields Log in. My DM allows me to take anything that was published in an official book or dragon magazine. This allows you to change a previously known stance into one from the four permitted disciplines so that you may live up to your role more appropriately.

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Please login or register. I am currently a week away of a new campaign, where we start as level 6 characters Highest level I've ever been o. O , on Roll Below you'll find my character's story and campaign setup. You might want to skip this if you only wish to see the build, but I think that it is important to know a character before making a build I have read lots and lots of material to come up with this build, but I am sure that I am missing some optimization since I have no experience with all that stuff.

What I know so far of the campaign is that we are going in a Dwarf Kingdom to investigate why an area sealed for a thousand years mysteriously unsealed itself. We are to go explore in that area along multiple other NPCs and loot the hell out of it while trying to find out what is inside and why it is unsealed.

I know that there might be a lots of construct in there, so my Intimidation Samurai wont shine there, but I believe that his time will come. Ranging from Evil to Neutral to prevent unwanted alignment clash. Level 5 Samurai, Level 1 Kensai. Level 6 Psion not sure which kind Lawful Neutral Liliana. Still unknown Chaotic Evil.

What happens if I successfully demoralise someone who is suffering under the minute-long shaken effect from Dreadful Wrath? If so, this is almost a bit to strong for my tastes. Otherwise, stick with Kensai. Isn't it just a Greatsword? Still unknown Chaotic Evil.

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The general and fighter feat Intimidate the Enemy Dragon 91 grants you the ability, as a move action, to make an Intimidate skill check to demoralize a creature. You get skill focus: Yep, Enforcer is in the APG, page By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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  • Also, those are Pathfinder Specific answers. The general feat Intimidating Rage (CW 79) grants you the ability, once per...
  • A barbarian can take Intimidating Rage to demoralize a target for the length of his In Pathfinder, there...
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