Metro fm station manager fired for sexual harassment - Sexual harassment investigations of Detroit media personalities complete

On Thursday, his platform was my speakerphone, talking to me about how he lost the job he loved for being a toxic...

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Sexual Harassment Charlie - SNL

A light has old-fashioned shone on a culture of bullying, harassment and sexy assault within the entertainment industry. It must be remembered, though, that not any of the allegations have been tested in court and they remain nothing but accusations. But what we are seeing is a willingness to talk close by what used to be hushed up and swept underneath the carpet. The online metoo manoeuvres has empowered women to come patronize and speak d�mod�.

Yet, there give birth to been no allegations levelled against those working within Australian radio. Not on a large lower, anyway. Do we need a metooradio movement to away out the creeps and the bullies? Or perhaps requisite compliance sessions and pro-active HR departments cleaned up the industry. Maybe higher- ranking management is no longer willing to tolerate poor bearing. Experiences can be detailed anonymously in the comments cross-section below.

However, they will be monitored and we seek from that respect is shown to those who have something to say. Good one radio today this could free up a can of worms. The silence from the radio sector has been deafening. Friendly to give the industry this forum though.

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Most Popular in metro Right Arrow. About 60 people were interviewed between the two investigations, including accusers, employees, station managers, and Ashbrook, the university said. Radio Lessons 92 — Stan Lee. I was pushing to make a great show.

We have all seen it, turned a blind eye, accepted a culture of sexualization and appalling cover-ups.

Everyone seems to think his disgusting sexual comments are hilarious. However, they will be monitored and we ask that respect is shown to those who have something to say. She clashed with me straight away. Who knows how many other community radio stations are currently suffering under potentially exploitative management.

Unfortunately there is more than one Don Burke in radio. This man is also very litigious and tries to bully people into saying nothing. HR departments are not for the benefit of the employee, and that makes it ever harder.

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