Bathtub faucet hook up - How to Install a Shower and Tub Faucet

Hooking up a shower or tub faucet isn't as difficult as you might think. So long as you're comfortable with accurately measuring, drilling,...

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Yesterday I shared all about installing our new bathroom fixtures! We installed a new sink, a new robe hook, hand towel holder, grab bar with towel bar and a new toilet paper holder! Our last step in updating our fixtures was to install a new shower head and bathtub faucet! All went well…until we came to the last step: You see, there are two different ways that bathtub faucets can attach to the plumbing. Our old faucet was screwed into place at the bottom of the faucet.

But our new faucet needed to be twisted onto the existing plumbing. Thankfully, we were able to remedy our little situation. With a blow torch. Essentially what we needed to do was to make our existing pipe a little longer and attach an end with threads on it that the new bathtub faucet could twist on to. So we grabbed a piece of copper pipe to match our existing pipe and went to work soldering it together. Then you will generously apply Water Soluble Flux to the same end.

Installing a flood and tub faucet is not as straightforward as installing a faucet on a go downhill. If you want to replace an existing you obligated to either engraving through the wall or use the access door left before a principled builder.

Fit 2-by-6 blocking in the enclosure's framing to tolerate the valve and the shower talent and eject stub-outs. The valve blocking must be high ample to get it expedient for children and adults to act the hilt -- typically about 40 inches. It must along be redress from the front of the go bankrupt by the amount specified in the installation instructions for your faucet.

Strong the faucet valve to the blocking with screws, making inevitable it's positioned in the correct training. There's customarily an arrow to make clear which behaviour pattern is up. Connect the water stocking pipes to the two water inlets. The approach for doing this varies according to model. Some valves induce male threaded ports, others have female threaded ports, and some have fault connectors. If you glue the pipes with threaded fittings, wrap plumbing reel around the threads primary.

When soldering pipes into slip connections, use lead-free solder and a propane torch.

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  • Installing a shower and tub faucet is not as straightforward as installing a faucet the wall by the amount...
  • Learn how to properly hook up a shower or bathtub faucet while ensuring optimal water pressure and temperature. Find out...
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