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If there is a universal human language, it's the language of numbers. So intuitive and uniform is the idea of numbers, that it...

| 62 :: 63 :: 64 :: 65 :: 66 |

Middle Chinese Edwin Pulleyblank. I knew the language. Chengdu dialect Southwestern Mandarin. Under the strong influences from neighboring tonal Chinese dialects, Huihui has developed tones and eventually became a "monosyllabic" and tonal Austronesian language. Kaiping dialect Siyi Yue. Jianning dialect Shao-Jiang Min.

In some cultures, people wish one another a good day.
1. Greek Words...
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One in other languages

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In Thai, "neurng" หนึ่ง It's quite hard for many to say. In Korean, "hana" 하나 is for counting one. I believe "han" 한 is a descriptor. They also...